Posted on Sep 4th, 2020

General Requirements for Outdoor Burning:
  • 300 feet from any structure on adjacent properties.
  • Smoke must not create a nuisance to neighbors or traffic.
  • Winds less than 23 mph.
  • Burning allowed one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset.  All fires, smoke, and smoldering must be completely out overnight.
  • Must be continually supervised by a responsible adult.
  • Must have a means to control and extinguish the fire (water hose, buckets, tanks, tractor, shovels, etc.).
  • You may only burn natural materials (tree limbs, branches, brush, leaves, grass, etc.).
  • You may never burn trash, garbage, construction materials, tires, rubber, plastic, hydrocarbons, fiberglass, asbestos, hazardous materials, processes materials, lumber, etc..
  • Have a means to call 911, know your address, have your address clearly posted and have access for the Fire Department (gate unlocked, etc).
  • Keep your burn pile small and then feed more material into it as it burns down.
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